Viceroy model "The Pasadena" Swift Current, Saskatchewan  2011

Viceroy Model "Invermere MKIII" Little Bow, Alberta 2007

About Us

We have been an Independent Framing Subcontractor company since 1987, specializing in Viceroy and Custom Homes.

As an independent company we subcontract the framing aspect of the building contract. 

Having constructed Viceroy models internationally; Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and locally here in Canada; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, our experience is vast.

We have subcontracted over 60 homes of the Viceroy style in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Built locally for Coco Homes in Okotoks,AB, and for Sterling Homes in Okotoks, AB and Legacy, Calgary, AB.

Our clients have very discerning tastes and expect excellence - and that's what we deliver - from the beginning to the end of our contract - site cleanliness to the erection of the prow - with safety always coming first.

We frame with precision, and time and time again the trades that come behind us thank you for contracting Plenus Carpentry Ltd. for the framing of your home, as it makes their jobs' easier. Our pride of workmanship truly speaks for it's self. We love what we do and will not compromise.

AND...we frame more than fine homes!

Additions, garages, decks, specialty projects; outhouses, bus shelters, creek bridges, timber work ~ we CAN build your vision. We take pride with being able to look you straight in the eye at all stages of your contract, because we are an honest and straightforward company.

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